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The average years of experience for our certified disability attorneys and advocates is over 10+ years. We know disability. It's all our attorneys and advocates do every day of the week. We don't practice any other law like most other firms.


We have industry leading sucess rates for those people we represent. Being awarded your benefits can be a life altering event. We want our clients to know they're working with the one of the best teams in the nation.


Our primary mission is to ensure people are receiving the proper government benefits they're entitled to. Even if we don't represent you for your claim, we want to provide helpful information and advice. Too many people in this country are struggling to pay their bills because they don't know they could be receiving Disability benefits they've earned.

Who We Are

We have a full staff of attorneys and Social Security certified advocates dedicated to helping give you the best chance to win your case. On average, each of our team members has over 10 years of representative experience. So you can be confident you'll be working with a knowledgeable, effective and dedicated team.

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Meet some of our great team!

Holly Schinker
Account Executive

Holly uses her widespread Medicare and SSDI knowledge at SSDC to establish customer relationships through navigation of the complicated health care benefit environment in order to maximize benefits for individuals at the best value for employers.

Sarah Feldt

Sarah has represented thousands of people win Social Security Disability benefits during her long tenure at SSDC. Her knowledge and expertise of the SSDI application process at the state Disability Determination level is a great benefit to SSDC's claimants.

Racquel Phillips
Medicare Specialist

As a Medicare Specialist Racquel works closely with beneficiaries and claimants to transition into Medicare including enrolling into Medicare during initial and special enrollment periods as well as supporting customers in researching Medicare Secondary Payer Debts and Recovery of Overpayment of health care claims.

Kurt Richter
Data Analysis

Kurt is responsible for the exchange of Medicare and Social Security Disability data files such as VDSA with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and our customers in an effort to provide services. He is just one of the members of the back office support that keeps SSDC services on track and secure through ongoing audits, SOC 2, and extensive training and research.

Cecile King
Customer Care Associate

Cecile is a compassionate associate that brings years of customer service experience to our case development team. On a daily basis Cecile can be found on calls with claimants and inputting their Social Security Disability (SSDI) Application online based on their information provided or answering questions through the complex SSDI process and their claim.